Regdar Aleksson

Biological father of Armillia.


Regdar Aleksson was born into the warrior caste of a mostly human society. He eventually rose due to his own prowess in combat and his reputation as an internal affairs investigator for the local military. He was not well liked by his peers due to the nature of his work but he eventually was chosen as a trusted retainer to a noble elven family to secure their mansion. He met his future wife Orianna at this time. Due to personal reasons and to save the reputation of his employer, Regdar decided to take up the life of a working father rather than a career man. The fact that he spent years raising his daughter, Hicari, did not dull his nose for trouble. At this point he decided to return to his interrupted search for his lost daughter, Armillia.

See Armillia: True Lineage

Regdar Aleksson

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