Conscious Dreamer, Marcher Lord of the Cliffs of Song, Skald Historia


Kivilaakso 500
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Short for now:

In the farthest East of Renwold, along the Cliffs of Song (which lie just short of beyond the pale), there is a walled abbey. This abbey has, for quite a few hundred years, existed as it’s own realm, and only relatively recently were orders given to bring its area into congruity with the other realms. For this purpose, a contingent of the Knights Ragnarsdrapa were contracted to search out the lord of the region, gain allegiance from him or her to the King of Renwold, and bring a representative to court to act as Marquess of the area. It would just so happen that Kivila’akso was volunteered to act as the abbey’s representative in the court of the King.

It also so happens, that such a journey to bring the Marches to court was a perilously long one, taking years to complete only to the point of even reaching the Cliffs of Song. Likewise, the return journey held many trials and tribulations. The reason that the Marches were only at this point being brought to what could be called rein, was that it was rather difficult to reach them. No in-roads led to them, no trading posts sat at their borders, and quite definitely no travelers ever crossed in…at least none that would return at any rate.

The time spent traveling with these Knights Ragnarsdrapa gave Kivila’akso much time to practice what he felt was his true calling; music. Upon this journey he composed many tales of the deeds and valor of the Knights which, upon his arrival to the courts of the King, were sung and highly praised for their recitation of truth as well as their value as entertainment.

Many years, and many ventures have passed since then. Kivila’akso has taken many pains to retain his position in court as both the Marcher Lord of the Cliffs of Song and as the “Skald Historia”, or more commonly, “The Historian”.


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