Hicari Regdarsdottir

Armillia's Biological Sister


Who is Hicari: Hicari was raised relatively normally by Regdar and Orianna . If not for her horns and tail she would look like a young female version of her father. She also inherited his intuition for outfoxing criminal minds. She is aware of Armillia existence and of her parents’ desire to find their lost child but her curiosity extends no further than wondering about a possible older sister. Hicari is twenty two years old and makes a living servicing businesses and wealthy land owners.

Hicari’s Trade: Hicari uses her talents in criminal investigation to infiltrate secure places and con wealthy people to prove to those in power that they’re vulnerable to clever cheats and thieves. She then sells her services to teach them how to better secure their valuables and prevent a real theft. In some cases she is even sought out by paranoid politicians and business owners. Her profession makes both of her parents proud.

Relationship with Armillia: The two have never met in the strictest sense. Hicari is, ironically, the only one of her biological family members that she’s ever heard of. A young girl who empowers and emboldens the rich and powerful against thieves and con artists. Hicari has heard of Armillia under two names that she suspects to be the same person. Hicari has heard of the infamous art thief, The Rose, as well as Dispiria due to one of her clients having been previously targeted for a con. Neither sister is aware of their blood relation but they both are aware of each other as professional rivals. They see each other as ideal opponents against which to test their skills.

Hicari Regdarsdottir

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