shadar-kai barkeep. don't fuck with her.


she is drunken master who used to be a show fighter. she didn’t actually wander out of the shadowfell looking for booze. that’s what she thought because she was looking for booze. but she was out of the shadowfell because she fucking died because she got screwed in a title fight. her manager fucked her over for some gold and slipped her some bad sauce. something like that. it’s very like a shadar-kai to fight in an arena for notoriety too.


so she’s the barkeep at the castle because she’s wandering OUTSIDE of the shadowfell looking for work, trying to make herself stronger, make herself back to the shadowfell, keeping a low profile. she just looks dark purple with civilian clothes. Her main goal is to become a total badass asswhooper and return to the shadowfell to beat everyones ass. and this adventuring group looks like a good opportunity to find something to do and also become stronger.

The Raven Queen no longer communicates to them directly, so they use auguries to try to determine how best to please her. Some serve her by destroying powerful undead (which are usually the work of Orcus), others by reaping souls in the real world (murdering people in the real world), basically doing whatever they think will please the Raven Queen

They received incredibly long life spans (but they can be killed by violence) and shadow powers however the longer they live the less they are able to feel, so they tattoo and pierce their bodies trying to make themselves feel again

If Shadar Kai particulary please the Raven Queen with some great act they are transformed into Sorrowsworn (Doru’s ultimate goal)


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