Armillia, Daughter of Cavian

Trained from infancy into a life of confidence games.


Armillia: Daughter of Cavian, House of Travesty (Adopted)
Also known as:
Glorious: Daughter of Baelful, House of Mystery – Reknowned Acrobatic Performer
Dispiria: Daughter of Vadu, House of Rain – “Reknowned” Entrepreneur
Mirel: Daughter of Shadowhorn, House of The New Days – Socialite, High Roller, Aristocrat
The Rose: Phantom art thief. Hunted by the law, bounty hunters, and outlaws alike.

Blood Relations:
Regdar Aleksson (Father)
Orianna: Daughter of Akazriel, House of Pleasure (Mother)
Hicari Regdarsdottir (Sister)

In Combat: Low threat, high damage. Due to her -1 str mod, she won’t be breaking concealment to make opportunity attacks. She will, under most circumstances, be either hidden or unarmed. As a result, she’ll appear a low threat. She can readily switch between melee and ranged due to her psychokinetic khopesh. Her lack of armor and low HP render her a vulnerable target when exposed.

To sum up: She doesn’t really do combat. Combat is the sure sign that she’s failed in what she’s trying to do. If she absolutely must use violence as a resolution she simply vanishes from sight until an opportune time to eviscerate the offender without being seen.

Physical Appearance: Armillia stands at a very short 5’7". Most Tiefling woman are around or over 6" with the men being slightly taller. She lacks the angular features defining most of her people and instead has softer features. Her dark red hair is kept long and unbound. Armillia’s eyes shine blue like polished sapphires. Her skin is somewhere between a pale red and a rust color. When she isn’t using cosmetics as a disguise, her flesh is the color of a tanned human. Her tail is barely four feet long and is adorned with lots of tattoo’d on designs that extend all the way up to her back. They mark some of her criminal achievements but all the people who know their meaning are dead now. She seems a great deal less threatening than most Tieflings and while her frame is lean from training she lacks any real musculature or toughness that her people are usually known for.

Loves: Attention. Expensive things. Acting like a noblewoman. Successfully pulling off a con. Outsmarting people she sees as intelligent. Proving her superiority over law enforcement. Sweetly scented things.

Hates: People who bring up her size. Being outsmarted. Being detected while infiltrating. The Five-Oh. Situations she can’t talk her way out of. Revealing her “true self”. People who call her tainted or otherwise bring up the obvious impurity of her bloodline.

Things She Doesn’t Know:

-Her birth father is still looking for her. (See “True Lineage”).

-The rising star vigilante and security specialist, Hicari Regdarsdottir, is actually her sister.

-The “true self” she’s been drilled to protect so desperately since childhood doesn’t even exist. She’s been raised to lie, cheat, and charm people since she was a child so the lies and facades are her “true self.” Were she to genuinely open up to someone, she would probably have an anxiety attack. She has literally never been without her false personas to shield her from emotional and social pain.

-Her father is also a gifted psion.

Things She Doesn’t Want Known:

-She is a liar, a cheat, and sometimes a murderer.

-Where she sleeps.


Gadgets and Techniques:
-Silent(Enchantment) Grappling Hook w/ 50ft Silk Rope
-Slipping Sleep Tincture into a target’s food or drink
-Use of expertly forged paperwork
-A very weak power over psionic energy
-A headband that can allow her to see in complete darkness
-Sound dampening footware
-Endless hidden compartments inside her clothing
-A very well crafted set of lock picks
-Experience as a circus acrobat and theater actor
-A massive assortment of cosmetics and hair dyes
-An ancient gem that allows its owner to speak, read, and write Supernal.

Unrefined Psionic Power: Due to her intense mental training growing up, Armillia has the ability to weakly control psionic energy as she wills it. She can psychokinetically move light objects. Her psionic power subtly enhances her influence over the minds of those around her. She can cloud the minds of those around her to blind and deafen them to her presence but it takes an immense amount of focus. She has not yet mastered any action while in this “hidden” state other than walking and sometimes running without breaking the effect.

True Lineage: Armillia was born to a tiefling mother and a half-elf father. Her mother (Orianna: Daughter of Akazriel, House of Pleasure) was/is a high profile escort whose services are sought by noblemen and military officials as per the family tradition. Her father, Regdar Aleksson , is a formidable swordsman and was retainer to an ancient elven noble family. Regdar and Orianna met while her services were in use by a guest of Regdar’s employers. They hid their love for a time to avoid the scandal on the noble family that their retainer would court a tiefling woman of ill repute. Orianna’s house would not have approved of a monogamous relationship or diluting the bloodline however given her profession it was not hard for her to drop contact with her family. Eventually, Orianna became pregnant. It was during the pregnancy that one of Regdar’s political adversaries found out about their relationship and kidnapped the pregnant Orianna to gain leverage against him to get him out of the way so that they could attempt an assassination against the elven house. Regdar, being a man of integrity, was torn between saving his love and unborn child and upholding his sworn duty. Being a man of such integrity, he decided to bear the shame of failing his duty for the sake of his unborn child. Regdar left the elven house with nothing but a note of his apologetic resignation along with his reasons for doing so and began to seek out where Orianna was being held. He discovered that the captors were hired by a rival noble house to gain leverage over him to cause a breach in security. During his rescue, Regdar killed four of the six members of the criminal group. He was able to successfully rescue Orianna. Unfortunately, she had given birth in captivity and was unable to protect her infant daughter from her captors. They had taken the child with the intent to sell it though once Regdar’s assault was clearly going to ruin their plan the two survivors decided to take the child as leverage against him to continue their plan. Much to their surprise, Regdar had stepped down from his post so their leverage was meaningless. They weren’t able to fence the infant. When their plan failed they had both Regdar and their former employers hunting for their heads and were forced to go into hiding. Regdar and Orianna still live. Their failure to protect their first born child will haunt them until their graves. Regdar Aleksson still searches for his eldest child’s whereabouts to this day.

Adoption: The two men who took Armillia were criminals however they were confidence men, not murderers. They never had the intention to harm the infant, nor to raise it themselves. For the first three years of her life, the two men were her caretakers while they stayed safely hidden from their persuers. One day the two split, as they often did, to forage for anything they could find in the nearby city. One of the men turned up dead. It was Regdar’s work. He had managed to track them to their hiding place. Fearing his life, the last surviving member of the kidnappers took Armillia to a noble house in the city that only seasoned law breakers knew of. They had a reputation for getting people out of such situations. Knowing that Cavian was a Tiefling noble House that bought orphans, he was able to negotiate a trade for the three year old girl in exchange for a new identity and safe passage out of the city.

Cavian: From this point on, Armillia was less raised and more groomed into the young woman she was to become. Cavian, House of Travesty is one of the oldest Tiefling noble houses that extends back all the way to the original empire. They differ from other noble houses in that they have no bloodline. Cavian was originally an advanced charm school and training center to create the empire’s most perfect assassins, spies, infiltrators, scouts, and bounty hunters. After the fall of the empire, they began a tradition of seeking out and adopting children with the potential to succeed. Without the empire’s funding, the house began to focus more on sustaining itself. It became and remains one of the oldest organized criminal groups to ever exist in the mortal world. They train their members to operate under the guise of any sort of profession to maintain a face of legitimacy. Most of these professions were as travelling entertainers.

Armillia’s Trade: At age 14, Armillia was assigned to a unit disguised as a travelling circus. They would arrive to a locale during a major festival season and use their performances to disguise their activities. They would steal artifacts or other items wanted by Cavian and then leave town. At this time Armillia was trained to infiltrate a location without detection and either recover the target or record its location and security detail for a retrieval team. At the age of 17, Armillia’s physique was well suited to charming non-Tiefling races. She never stopped training her infiltration skills, despite the House shifting her training to that of social deception. It was only a year later that the prodigal daughter became known as a one person unit due to her ability to perform any kind of assignment without being detected and without any support.

Armillia: Ages 18 – 24 (Present)

Both Regdar and Orianna still live. Orianna remains at home to run the prosperous household they’ve built together while Regdar has recently begun to seek out his firstborn child again now that his other children are of adult age. He was able to connect the dots of the location where he lost the kidnappers’ trail and the local Tiefling crime house however he was unable to pick up the trail at the time. An old dog for a warrior, he’s still plenty threatening to any who get in his way or threaten his family.

Armillia’s former unit disbanded when she was eighteen years old, thus throwing her into her solo career. The unit was forced to disband because one of the items stolen by the troupe was an artifact painting and the owner had hired someone to track down the painting. Whoever was hired, Armillia and her group never found out. During one of their jobs, they were thwarted when their plan was revealed by their unknown hunter. One of the troupe member’s was lost when he committed suicide upon being apprehended. The rest took hint and disbanded, returning to Cavian separately.

Leaving Cavian:
Armillia and her former comrades began working again for Cavian in different units. She was assigned her solo jobs, which she fulfilled until age 22. At this point, she couldn’t quite tell why but something was off. Security was much tigher than it had reason to be at each of her job locations and required improvisation for each job which made each job dangerous and unpredictable. Someone was tipping her marks off, Cavian had a leak. When she came out from cover for the first time in years and returned to Cavian, she was informed that someone had been tipping off marks and compromising units all across the board. Several of her former troupe members had been found killed in a way as to send a message. After digging for information from people she trusted in Cavian, she discovered a near fatal mistake. There was no leak. The bloodhound sent to hunt down that painting all those years ago was somehow undermining House Cavian operations. There wasn’t any evidence but Armillia knew it. Her former troupe members had been specifically targetting to send a message. Word travels like wildfire in a House like Cavian and Armillia’s intent to take her things and leave without notice had gotten out. She was unable to take as many things as she’d have liked to but made off with one important gem. A gem said to have been made to let mortals speak to their creators: The Metatron. The voice of the Gods. Armillia barely escaped Cavian. She wasn’t going to be used as bait nor would she allow someone with the resources to thwart an ancient organization like Cavian to hunt her down.

Armillia has made a hobby of stealing high profile artifacts. For the two years since her leaving Cavian, any time a reknowned artist released a new piece of art they prayed not to be the target of the menace they’d been hearing about. Publicly displayed artifacts, museum exhibits, and pieces of art were said to disappear. They say that one moment the item is on display and in the blink of an eye all one will find in its place is a card with a picture of a black rose that smells of perfume oils. Attempts to tamper with the cards using rituals causes them to burn away in a cloud of floral scents so very few of the cards are actually known to exist currently. Making such public displays of her thefts, Armillia has spent the last two years goading her phantom hunter on so that she may meet them on her own terms. Even the hounds sent by Cavian to retrieve her haven’t been able to get eyes on her in the two years since she left.

Armillia, Daughter of Cavian

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